Bankruptcy – Chapter 13

For some people, declaring Bankruptcy is their best move. Under certain circumstances, you can choose Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, which is  a reorganization and repayment plan approved by the Bankruptcy Court. This has advantages over Chapter 7 liquidation, such as stopping foreclosure on your home as well other benefits. It can be helpful if you are behind on your mortgage and need some time to “catch up” while you continue to make your current payments.

Cynthia E. Reed Attorney at Law

In Lancaster, PA, Cynthia E. Reed Attorney at Law is the lawyer people turn to for help with debt problems, bankruptcy action and many other financial questions. Depending on individual circumstances, she may recommend Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to clients. She strives to keep her clients well-informed about legal procedures, options and the progress of their case. Declaring any type of bankruptcy is distressing, but it can be a good solution that works to stop harassment and give consumers a fresh start.

Attorney Cynthia Reed

Helping clients manage their debt problems is the main focus of the law practice of Attorney Cynthia Reed. She also is a debt relief agency and helps people file for relief under the Federal Bankruptcy Code. Clients appreciate the level of personal care and thoroughness they receive from Attorney Reed and her staff at the law office. She is fluent in Spanish and works with clients from all over Lancaster County, PA.

Lancaster Bankruptcy Attorney

When you seek Chapter 13 representation from this Lancaster Bankruptcy Attorney, you can expect honest, straight-forward answers and the attention you deserve. Attorney Cynthia E. Reed, Esquire, is dedicated to helping clients move on to a better future, despite the dark shadows that debt problems cause. With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you have options for reorganizing and refinancing debt, protection for co-signers, ending creditor harassment and other advantages. You can keep your house and other secured assets through creditor agreements when you stick with the court approved plan. Eventually, you will again reach a good place financially.

Debt problems, worry and stress can be put to an end with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Contact Cynthia E. Reed, Attorney at Law, at her Lancaster, PA, office by calling now, (717) 392-2027.

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