Bankruptcy – Chapter 7

If you are in a situation where Chapter 7 Bankruptcy seems to be your only option, you don’t want an adviser to sugar-coat the facts; nor do you want  anonymous, distant, over-the-phone or internet representation. You want a local,  Lancaster Bankruptcy Attorney who will give you the straight story and be able to help you get past your financial problems. Being well-informed is essential if you want to solve your financial dilemma, and Attorney Cynthia E. Reed will see that you have the facts you need to make your decision.

Cynthia E. Reed Attorney at Law

Clients who work with Cynthia E. Reed Attorney at Law, Lancaster, PA, tell others they are very happy with the level of care and thoroughness they receive at her law office. Everyone here is on the same page when it comes to excellent customer service and care to help clients to solve their financial and debt problems. Due to an Act of Congress, we are required to inform you that the law office of Cynthia E. Reed is a debt relief agency,  helping people get relief under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and other options offered by the Federal Bankruptcy Code.

Attorney Cynthia Reed

Watching clients work through their financial woes and finally seeing light at the end of a dark tunnel of debt is immensely rewarding for Attorney Cynthia Reed and her staff. They understand the weight that is lifted when a client finally realizes that the harassing phone calls, collection threats and other bullying tactics and attempts by creditors to collect unpaid bills will end at last. Even better, is the moment when a client envisions their fresh start, debt-free because they filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief.

Lancaster Bankruptcy Attorney

Cynthia E. Reed, Esquire, is a Bankruptcy Attorney in Lancaster , serving clients from all over Lancaster County. She helps people from all backgrounds, and is fluent in Spanish. Attorney Reed and her staff give clients the time and attention they need to solve tough problems. She knows it is difficult to make that important decision to declare Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, but she also has seen how well clients make a come-back after the final discharge of debts.

If you are struggling with debt and want to know what legal options are available, contact the Law Office of Cynthia Reed, Attorney at Law. Call now at (717) 392-2027.

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