Student Loan Issues

Every year students graduate from colleges and universities, trade and technical schools, community colleges, and other educational institutions. saddled with student loan debt.  And even if they can find a job in their chosen field, or ANY job, a lot of these students can’t earn enough to pay for basic living expenses and pay off their student loans. If the loans are federal student loans, default could mean wage garnishment and tax refund interception. But there are options.

I’m looking forward to helping folks who are struggling with student loan debt, whether the loans are federal or private.

Meanwhile, here’s a good place to start:

Federal Loans? Don’t know? Check out

If you have federal student loans, they’ll show up here. Create an account, log in, and you’ll see information about your federal loans. Nothing showing up? Your loans are probably private or state loans.

Did you have a co-signer on any of your student loans? If you did, it’s not a federal loan. It’s probably private, or possibly a state loan.

Are you in default? Deferment? Forbearance? A state of total confusion?

Check in again for more info!





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